"Yoni was life changing for me!"

- Roe, NLP Master Practitioner
Miami, FL

Yoni Avni, Pilates Zone Founder & CEO

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"Fortunately, I found Pilates Zone. I have been taking lessons with Yoni for a year now. I love Classical Pilates."

- Antoinette, Certified Contemporary Pilates Teacher
Las Vegas, NV 

"Yoni is an excellent Pilates instructor. She teaches Classical Pilates, as its creator Joseph Pilates intended it to be taught. This is a rare skill, and a valuable resource for her students. Her teaching technique is incisive, precise, and pleasant."

- Bill William Henry, Retired Lawyer
Las Vegas, NV                                                               

"I love taking lessons with Yoni! She is a caring, supportive teacher who makes sure I am getting the maximum amount of benefit from the exercises. My hamstrings feel looser than they were and my core is stronger. I can stand for long periods of time without fatigue or lower back pain. I've never been someone who loved exercising, but doing Pilates with Yoni is a treat for my body! I highly recommend."

- Connie Keller, Stay-Home Mom
Las Vegas, NV


 "A year ago I started skiing for the first time in my life. Every vacation I went to and every time I tried, I kept falling off. And when I did succeed , my body got exhausted after only 20 minutes of skiing. I could not believe how much the Pilates will make a changed in my body in such a short time and it was amazing to discover it!"

- Lauren, Make-up Artist
Las Vegas, NV                                                                

"I have being doing Pilates for a little over a year. I had and suffered from Vertigo and dizziness. I was looking for a place to have a better balance with my body. A friend of mine recommended Pilates Zone, and since the first time I experienced the first class I got hooked on that. I felt how much that can help me. Since then, I have been doing Pilates 3 or 4 times a week, and I don't have Vertigo anymore."

-Iris Ozer, Retired Teacher
Las Vegas, NV

"People come and go, but Yoni’s classes are the best frequented amongst all the instructors. Yoni has an ability to focus on each and everyone in the group and to guide you precisely how and where to change the execution of the movement to improve the exercise. She has a wide variety of tools - words, imagery, sensations – to make each student comprehend the subtle changes required."

- Gitta Dicks, Physical Therapist
Thousand Oaks, CA

"What I am happy and fortunate to say is that Yoni puts first in her approach the care of the student. She exhibits this by her patience, her encouragement and her endlessly varied ways of finding a way for the student to experience what she is explaining. Her knowledge is comprehensive and seemingly inexhaustible, but that would mean nothing if it weren’t for her very real gift for teaching. She represents Pilates work in her effortless strength and grace when she demonstrates for the student’s understanding some simple or magnificently complex posture."

- Christopher Pitney, Author
Calabasas, CA


"There is not one approach to an exercise but many approaches which deal with everyone's shape and ability and Yoni always has had a way to deal with mine. She has truly found her calling in teaching this technique. Our 9 year old daughter and her 5-year-old sister are starting to learn as well. What a gift to go through life without crunching down into one's self! I envy them their early knowledge."

- Angelique L'Amore, Author
Los Angeles, CA